Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artist Statement

Due to a very un-entertaining upbringing I had to rely heavily upon my imagination. I developed a compulsion to create what was lacking, to make my invisible friends and feelings visible. My work today emanates from a similar discontent, that reality has not dealt me a full hand. Some of my ideas are a critique of my surroundings, of the absurdities and squalor that have made themselves part of everyday life. My Other ideas work to build off of where this reality ends and my imagination merges to it, where nightmares and monsters are made manifest.
The work I do is not exclusively personal, I consider the communication of my ideas critical. The thought that I can show a viewer a glimpse of what I see is riveting, conveying an idea or feeling and connecting with the viewer on some level inspires me. The process of creating an image is equally enthralling. Having the ability to create and manipulate the illusion of space and light, while also conveying the complexities and subtleties of the human condition captivate me.
I am not yet committed to any specific media, however I find myself most comfortable with drawing materials such as graphite or charcoal. Working in oil paint is relatively new to me and I find it much more suitable for work I would consider finished as opposed to working exclusively with pencils. My approach to using such media is a blend of traditional techniques and my own experimentation, I'll use any vehicle to attain accurate and believable representation for my ideas.

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