Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mixed-Media work that's not quite done.

"Spengebab" as pop-culture has labeled him is a grotesquely deformed version of the popular tv icon. My take on him is a drug-dealer of sorts offering a starfish as something perhaps a bit more sinister than just entertainment or 'a good time'. My younger sister seems to have an addiction to the show to the point that she will throw a fit if she is unable to watch it, even if it's a rerun she's seen more than ten times (she is 5). The background is not fully resolved as is.

5 Layer screen print, colored pencil and oil paint washes.

Here's a self portrait I've been picking away at, I'm at a loss with where I want to take it or what narrative I want to create.

Colored pencil on acrylic wash.


A view of my current studio space and some of the work that's up there. (warning: very hi-res img).

Collage work

Trying my hand at collage. Some work is purely aesthetic exercise, playing with the organization of color and its weight and repetition with a focus on overall design. Others are somewhat narrative. Either way it allows me to quickly arrange what I enjoy in compositions without the laborious task of mixing color and rendering form. Also, there's the chance for unintended discovery as seen in my "Ode to the Master". Those of you who watch that specific Adult Swim show should recognize the character.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First painting of new series

First in series about animals that allegorically depict the worst traits of humanity. The creature in place of a human describes the "sub-human" treatment of others, the lack of moral quality and integrity that makes humanity more than just another beast of the world. This one specifically describes a person with vulture-esque qualities, a person that will patiently wait for a friend or relative to pass in order to gain their wealth under the guise friendship.
Oil on Canvas 24 x 36


Hand printed monotypes, expecting to add more elements to them eventually.

Other Work

Misc work, mixed media and graphite.

Past work

Some somewhat recent drawing and painting.

Recent Work

Series of students within their personal college environments, a candid expression of what these particular student's worlds look like. Oil on Board.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Announce

I will be posting updates on my life and work in this blog.