Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mixed-Media work that's not quite done.

"Spengebab" as pop-culture has labeled him is a grotesquely deformed version of the popular tv icon. My take on him is a drug-dealer of sorts offering a starfish as something perhaps a bit more sinister than just entertainment or 'a good time'. My younger sister seems to have an addiction to the show to the point that she will throw a fit if she is unable to watch it, even if it's a rerun she's seen more than ten times (she is 5). The background is not fully resolved as is.

5 Layer screen print, colored pencil and oil paint washes.

Here's a self portrait I've been picking away at, I'm at a loss with where I want to take it or what narrative I want to create.

Colored pencil on acrylic wash.

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